Body Bracing

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Body Bracing Products

  • Cervical Orthosis (CO)
  • Cervical Thoracic Orthosis (CTO)
  • Kyphosis Bracing
  • Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO)
  • Scoliosis Bracing
  • Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO)

Body Bracing
Types of Body Bracing

Body bracing or spinal orthoses can be used to support and stabilize the spine due to surgery, injury, or spinal deformities. At Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics LLC, we offer both custom-made and custom-fit body bracing that will be matched to each patient’s needs. Our Certified Orthotists will meet with patients throughout their bracing experience to ensure that each brace continues to be effective and comfortable.

Cervical Orthosis (COs)

A cervical orthosis (CO) or cervical collar is used to protect and immobilize the neck. This brace may be needed due to injury, surgery, of severe cervical stenosis. It often has a thin plastic frame and a removable soft liner. Our Certified Orthotists will choose a CO based on patient dimensions and custom fit the brace to best fit each patient.

Cervical Thoracic Orthosis (CTOs)

A Cervical Thoracic Orthosis is used to treat fractures that occur in the neck or upper back. It maintains the head in a neutral position to reduce pain, promote healing, and prevent further injury. The amount of mobility allowed can be catered to each patient!

Kyphosis Bracing

Kyphosis is the outward curvature of the spine that often results in hunching of the back. Kyphosis most often occurs in adults but can present in adolescents too. It can be treated with bracing. A brace for kyphosis can help to control pain and reduce worsening of the curve. It is designed to hold the spine in a more natural position. Our Certified Orthotists will work to select and fit a kyphosis brace that is ideal for each patient’s condition and activity level.

Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSOs)

A Lumbar Sacral Orthosis starts below the ribs and is used to support the lower back. This brace can be rigid or semi-rigid depending on the support needed by each patient. Our Certified Orthotists engage with every patient to determine which brace and design will best fulfill their needs!

Scoliosis Bracing

Scoliosis is abnormal curvature of the spine that may occur due to other medical conditions or on its own. Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthoses (TLSOs) are often used to treat scoliosis and prevent further curvature of the spine from occurring. Our Certified Orthotists design each TLSO based on X-rays, patient exams, and consultation with physicians.The will also meet with each patient regularly throughout their scoliosis journey to ensure that the brace continues to be both effective and pain-free!

Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSOs)

A Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis is a brace that extends from below the collar bones down to the pelvis. It is often made of a rigid plastic and firm foam and is custom made for each individual. A TLSO can be used to stabilize the spine after surgery or fracture to promote healing and minimize pain. This brace can also be used to hold the spine in a correct position for patients with spinal deformities. Our Certified Orthotists work closely with the physician to ensure that each TLSO meets the needs of each patient.