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Prosthetic Arm Products

  • Microprocessor Arms
  • Myoelectric Prosthetic Arms
  • Arm Prosthetics - Above and Below Elbow
  • M-Fingers
  • Custom Silicone Finger/Hand Prosthetics

Prosthetic Limbs
Types of Prosthetics Arms

A prosthetic arm, hand, or finger is an artificial device that is customized for each amputee. An upper limb prosthesis may aid anyone who has entirely or partially lost their upper limb due to accident, illness, or congenital defects. The purpose of an upper limb prosthesis can be functional, cosmetic, or both. A functional prosthesis is designed to be as useful to the amputee as possible. It can be designed for specific tasks or for general, everyday use. A cosmetic prosthesis is designed to look as close to an anatomical arm as possible. At Advanced Prosthetics & Orthotics, our Certified Prosthetists offer a wide variety of functional and cosmetic solutions to upper limb amputees.

Microprocessor Arms

A microprocessor arm is controlled by a small, internal computer and offers amputees the ability to modify characteristics of the prosthesis without having to exchange components. Control settings can be modified as an amputee progresses through the rehabilitation process allowing care to be closely customized to each amputee. Microprocessor prosthetic arms can be used by above-the-elbow and below-the-elbow amputees.

Myoelectric Prosthetic Arms

A myoelectric prosthetic arm is a device that can be activated and controlled naturally by an amputee’s own muscles. These devices use small sensors placed on the skin to detect muscle activity. The muscle activity that is detected then controls the prosthesis movement. With a myoelectric prosthesis, an amputee can learn to control the strength, speed, and dexterity of movements. Our Certified Prosthetists are experienced in myoelectric prosthesis and work closely with patients to design a prosthesis that is unique to each amputee’s muscles. They also work with each patient to ensure that they are able to use their myoelectric prosthesis safely and effectively!

Arm Prosthetics - Above and Below Elbow

An arm prosthesis is an artificially made, often customized, device that substitutes for an arm either entirely or partially lost above or below the elbow. There are a variety of prosthesis styles that may be available to an upper limb amputee including:

  • Passive Prosthesis
  • Body-Powered Prosthesis
  • Electrically-Powered Prosthesis
  • Hybrid Prosthesis
  • Activity-Specific Prosthesis

Our Certified Prosthetists work closely with every patient to design and customize a prosthesis that is right for them!


M-fingers are a prosthetic solution available to partial-hand amputees. They are simple to operate and controlled by the user’s own motion. With an M-finger, patients can perform tasks more efficiently and with greater precision.

Custom Silicone Finger/Hand Prosthetics

A custom, silicone hand or finger prosthesis is incredibly detailed and made to precisely match the shape and skin color of each amputee. These are made to be as cosmetically pleasing as possible and can include minute details such as freckles, veins, and even hair.