Foot Orthotics

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Foot Orthotic Products

  • Extra-Depth/Orthopedic Shoes
  • Custom-Molded Shoes
  • Diabetic Inlays
  • Charcot Restraint Orthoses Walker (CROW)
  • Custom Functional Foot Orthotic (FO)
  • Supramalleolar Orthoses (SMO)

Foot Orthotic
Types of Foot Orthotics

Foot orthoses and specialized shoes are used to support and accommodate the foot to encourage smooth, pain-free gait. These products can be prescribed to relieve areas of pain or pressure or accommodate various foot shapes. Our team of Orthotic specialists work closely to choose, fabricate, and deliver foot orthotic products that are effective and appropriate for each patient.

Extra-Depth/Orthopedic Shoes

Extra-depth/orthopedic shoes offer a relaxed fit to accommodate bunions and other toe deformities. There are a variety of shoe options and specific choices may be offered based on patient needs. These shoes are often used with custom foot insoles that are made specific to each patient.

Custom-Molded Shoes

Custom-molded shoes are made specifically for each patient’s feet. Our Certified Orthotists capture the shape unique to each foot and shoes are built to match that shape. These shoes can be especially beneficial for patients with ulcers, bunions, or any other condition that makes standard shoes challenging.

Diabetic Inlays

Our diabetic inlays are fit to the patient’s shoe size and shape. These inlays naturally form to the patient’s foot over time to support the foot and prevent skin breakdown and ulcer formation.

Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker (CROW)

A CROW boot offers maximum protection and support for non-healing ulcers and Charcot ankles. By distributing pressure over a larger surface area, a CROW allows time for ulcers to heal while enabling the user to continue walking.The boot is customized on the inside to accommodate each patient’s condition and can be easily removed for wound care.

Custom Functional Foot Orthotic (FO)

A functional foot orthosis is used to support the foot and encourage healthy foot posture and gait. Our practitioners carefully design foot orthoses by taking a cast and selecting materials that are catered to each patient’s needs. Foot orthoses need to be worn in shoes and with socks to protect the foot and maximize effectiveness.

Supramalleolar Orthoses (SMO)

Supramalleolar orthoses (SMOs) are designed to maintain a vertical heel while supporting all three arches of the foot. These are often worn by patients who have flexible, flat feet, such as children. SMOs provided by Advanced Prosthetics and Orthotics, LLC are custom made or ordered for each patient and modified based on patient needs.