Upper Extremity Bracing

Upper Extremity Bracing Products

  • Wrist Hand Orthosis
    • Carpal Tunnel Wrist-Hand Orthosis
    • Resting Hand Wrist-Hand Orthosis
    • Fracture Bracing: Wrist-Hand Orthosis
  • Elbow Range of Motion Orthosis
  • Shoulder Stabilizers

Extremity Bracing
Types of Upper Bracing

Upper extremity braces or orthoses are used to stabilize and protect the arm at various levels. Upper extremity braces can control positioning and motion when healing from surgery or fracture. These orthoses can also be used to position the arm or hand to prevent further deformity. Our Certified Orthotists work closely with physicians and patients to determine and delivery the orthosis that is best for each patient.

Wrist Hand Orthosis (WHOs)

Carpal Tunnel Wrist-Hand Orthosis (WHOs)

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is persistent pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. A WHO may be prescribed to relieve this pressure and reduce pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. This brace stabilizes the wrist in a neutral position and protects the wrist from further strain. Our Certified Orthotists will work with each patient to ensure that their WHO fits correctly and provides relief from pressure and pain.

Resting Hand Wrist-Hand Orthosis (WHOs)

A resting WHO supports the wrist, hands, and fingers in a comfortable position that is specific to each patient. Our resting WHOs are malleable and our Certified Orthotists work to establish a posture that is comfortable and pain-free for each patient.

Fracture Bracing: Wrist-Hand Orthosis

A fracture WHO stabilizes the wrist and hand in a position that will allow fractured bones to heal correctly. This brace will limit motions that are harmful to the healing process and protect the wrist and hand from forces that may cause further damage. Each brace will be customized by one of our Certified Orthotists to the shape and condition of each patient’s wrist and hand.

Elbow Range of Motion (ROM) Orthosis

An Elbow ROM Orthosis gives physicians and orthotists the ability to customize motion to each patient. These braces can be used to stabilize and control the elbow during the healing process. An Elbow ROM Orthosis allows some motion and the amount of motion allowed can be altered as the patient progresses through healing after injury or surgery.

Shoulder Stabilizers

A Shoulder Stabilizer is a brace that can be used to limit motion and support the shoulder after a fracture or ligament injury. Our Certified Orthotists are knowledgeable about the many shoulder stabilizer options and will work to choose and fit a brace that is best suited for each patient’s needs.